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这句话是错的,应该是what is for supper、意思是晚饭是什么

what's for supper 我觉得是这样的

问题:What would you like _____ supper? 应填:for 全句:What would you like for supper? 译文:晚餐想吃点儿什么?

Unravel 演唱,和声,作词,后期:Amy Chanrich I'm losing control,losing control 我正在失控 But now,what should I do 但是现在,我该怎么办 【Main 一】 Complicated world,already don't know who I am 这个复杂的世界,已经让我开始不认...

是应该用what are we …… 整句分析下来换成陈述句的顺序应该是:we are going to have ……for supper today.

What would you like to have for dinner?

选择C What's for supper? Some fish and rice. 晚饭吃什么? 一些鱼和米饭。

状语。因为for supper前面是完整的句子,成分完整。望采纳

What do you have for supper 你晚饭吃了什么 如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

...and ask me to run to the store for cigarettes or liquor, or to deliver a message to his wife, such as what he wanted for supper. (等某个男人从窗口)叫我跑去商店买烟或酒,或者让我给他妻子递个口信,例如他晚饭想吃什么。 such as...

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