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you are welcome to join us 欢迎你加入我们的行列

Thank you,I am glad to be a member. 谢谢你,我很高兴成为其中一员。 其实我也不懂怎么答,不过真的,光是笑笑的话,老外不明白的。

Welcome to join us 欢迎加入我们 Welcome to join us 欢迎加入我们

Welcome to join us这句正确。 翻译:欢迎加入我们。

Welcome to English club!The aim of our club is to improve your spoken English.As is known,most of the students have trouble in speaking English fluently.Our club will give you many chances to practice your oral English. There a...

welcome to join in the conference 欢迎参加会议。

答:join,join in和take part in 1)加入某党派、某组织或某社会团体,用join,不可用join in.如: ①He will never forget the day when he joined the Party. 他永远也忘不了他入党的那一天. ②His brother joined the army three years ag...

We,English Club,are recruiting new members.Those with a keen love for English may join us on great trip to the world of English. Our Club is a 20 years old student organization in our school,which has been very popular among st...

都有“参加”的意思,但用法不同. 1)join有两个用法: (1)指加入某个党派,团体组织等,成为其成员之一,意为:“参军、入团、入党”等.如: ①When did your brother join the army?你哥哥什么时候参军的? ②She joined the Young Pioneers.她加入了少先...

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