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As thE timE goEs By

都是时间的进行 as time goes by 强调失去的时光 As time goes by, I still miss you. as time goes on 强调正在进行中的时间。 As time goes on, the game is almost over.

是As time goes by 不用特指,所以不用加the

外文名:as time goes by 中文名:《任时光流逝》 演唱:贝蒂·希金斯 简介:美国电影《卡萨布兰卡》主题曲 出处:卡萨布兰卡 词曲:赫尔曼·赫普费尔德 英文歌词: You must remember this A kiss is still a kiss A sigh is just a sigh The fun...

因为as是连词,连接句子;with是介词,不能连接句子。而time goes by恰恰是句子。

as time goes by,as是连词,引导时间从句。 with … 是高级语法的 with的复合结构。它是介词。

as time goes by随着时间的流逝 as time goes by+一般现在时 As time goes by, my memory seems to get worse.随著时间的流逝,我的记忆力似乎越来越差。 as time goes by+现在进行时 As time goes by, his hair is turning gray. 随着时光飞逝,...

看例句: As time goes by, spending on keeping people in old jobs will need to be cut, andreplaced with spending on training them for new ones. (一般将来时) 随着时间的推移,用在保留人员在旧工作岗位上的支出需要减掉,取而代之的...

I thought you fell in love with me watching Casablanca 在看《卡萨布兰卡》的时候,我想你也对我着迷 Holding hands beneath the paddle fans in Rick's Candle-lit cafe 在烛光酒馆的吊扇下,我们把对方的手儿牵起 Hiding in the shadows fr...

歌曲:As Time Goes By 歌手:The Starlite Orchestra 所属专辑:《Music from Woody Allen Movies - Performed By the Starlite Orchestra 》 歌词 你必须记住这个 吻仍然是吻a a 只是一声叹息一声叹息 应用基本的东西。 时间的推移。 当两个恋...

as the time goes by一般现在时 with the time going by现在进行时 as the time went by一般过去时

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