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“对....进行分析”用英语翻译不用短语,直接用动词analyse或名词analysis。 例如: 对句子作语法分析 analyse a sentence 这份报纸对政治局势作了很好的分析。 That newspaper has a very good analysis ofthe political situation.

这个词有专门的谚语 Every cloud has a silver lining. 字面意思就是 每个乌云都有银色的衬里, 引申后 否极泰来, 时来运转

What's more,.....(加句子) not only...but also....... more than.... 有“不仅如此”的意思

你好! 意思相近的很多,看上下文需要来定。 exactly, actually, finally, at last, after all, in the end, in the finish, 等等。

分解问题的能力是一个成功职场人的关键标志。如果你不能很清楚的明白这个句子到底那部分是主语,那部分是谓语,我们可以先把这个中文句子缩句:能力是标志。翻译成英语就是 Ability is sign.但是翻译讲究信达雅,所以我们必须把修饰词补上,能力...

gray hair; in addition/ as well as; look after/ take care of ; tell jokes ; laugh at ; full of fun ; be strict with ...; give up ; stare at; wear glasses ; on work / at work ; day and night ; 13. on this day; 2. be famous for ....

a better understanding of… 1. I hope i shall soon get to know you better and that we shall become great friends . 我希望不久就会更好地了解您,我们将成为真正的朋友。 2. By quantifying these causes the population dynamics of the ...

随后的词组是: later on 例句: Let us recur to the subject later on. 让我们稍后再重回到我们的主题。 I don't know what happened later on. 至于以后怎样, 我就不知道了。

a white night 不眠之夜 a white elephant 昂贵而无用之物(或沉重的负担) a white crow 罕见之物 the White House白宫 a whete lie 无恶意的谎话 white flag 白旗(投降的标志) black sheep 害群之马 black tea 红茶 black coffee 黑咖啡(不...

下面2个动词短语是否是你想要的? stand nearby (靠近站着) move closer (靠得更近些)

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