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You should take care of yourself. Be careful about your health 你要照顾好自己,多注意身体 You must look after yourself and keep healthy. 你一定要照顾好自己,保持身体健康。

when you are alone, you should take care of yourself

Taking a good care of yourself is wise. 不知道这个还要翻译成什么中文呢?我翻译成英语咯。

Dont drink too much ,and take care for yourself!

亲!친구! 天冷了多添加一件衣服, 날씨가 추우니까 옷 많이 입구요, 一个人的时候要懂得自己照顾好自己!혼자 있을ሡ...

你好! look after oneself well 或 take good care of oneself

I guess you must be very busy with your work recently. Don't be too hard on yourself, and take care.

为了自己爱的人和爱自己的人,我要好好照顾自己。 翻译成英文: I will take good care of myself for my love and my beloved.

Now you have no whereabouts, separated after your good? Remember to take good care of yourself?

好好照顾自己别让我担心你,好吗? Take care of yourself, don't let me worry about you, okay? 满意请采纳,谢谢

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