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工作性质 英文

工作性质:全职” "Nature of work: full time" 英 [taim] 美 [taɪm] n. 时间; 时机; 时代; 所需时间; vt. 为…安排时间; 测定…的时间; 调准(机械的)速度; 拨准(钟、表)的快慢; vi. 合拍; 和谐; 打拍子; adj. 定时的; 定期的; [美国英语]...


Because I love the nature of its working 因为我比较喜欢它的工作性质

不太明白你的意思,如果是指人家问你是做什么工作的话: What's your job? I'm a nurse. 基本上你说你是护士人家就该知道你是干什么的了吧……这年头应该不会有人不知道护士是做什么的吧……

你好! 科技研究人员 Science and technology researchers

你好! 单证的工作性质是比较单一的. The nature of the document is relatively simple.

My name is Li Yang.I graduated from Lanzhou University and majored Mechanical Engineering.I was once a poor student of English,and it was my biggest headache and trouble-maker.I got sick and tired of learning boring grammar rul...

I had a job in the school before,but I think that it is different from company in job nature.

My fatther is XX years old,when he was young he was handsome,but now he is fat.He is a worker。 He is working at XXXXXX。Everyday he works by car (by bus ,on foot). He likes reading and playing basketball,but now he has little ...

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